I need outfits for my family session...

...where should I shop?

If you're like me, Mom of three, shopping in stores is a luxury of time I no longer possess. So I always turn to online shopping when I need to dress my family or a client for portraits.

To keep in line with my style of shooting, here are my top 5 family favorites to dress your family for our light and airy photography session. Price ranges and links included.

Piper and Scoot:

Renowned for their timeless elegance and modern comfort, Piper and Scoot offers light-toned dresses, jumpsuits, and coordinating outfits. Prices typically range from $50 to $150, striking a balance between sophistication and affordability. This makes Piper and Scoot a great choice for families seeking chic yet accessible options.

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Specializing in maternity and family-friendly attire, PinkBlush presents a versatile range of light and pastel clothing options. Their dresses and tops, often ranging from $30 to $80, are designed to complement the light and airy style. This budget-friendly range ensures that you can curate a picture-perfect ensemble for each family member without exceeding your budget.

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Rylee + Cru:

If you're aiming for an ethereal and whimsical look, Rylee + Cru offers enchanting children's clothing at prices typically between $30 to $80. Their designs radiate innocence and charm, making them an ideal choice for creating dreamy and captivating family portraits that embody the light and airy essence.

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Nothing Fits But:

Nothing Fits But offers a curated selection of light and airy clothing that perfectly suits family photography. Prices typically range from $40 to $120, reflecting the high-quality and carefully chosen pieces that enhance the overall luminosity and elegance of your portraits.

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Little Cottonwood:

For a personalized touch, Little Cottonwood offers handmade clothing for children and adults, with prices ranging from $30 to $100. The attention to detail and commitment to using natural fabrics ensures that each piece contributes to the overall aesthetic. While slightly more modestly priced, Little Cottonwood's unique creations infuse your portraits with authenticity and charm.

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By considering these price ranges alongside the carefully curated styles of these stores, you can confidently select the ideal wardrobe for your family photography session. These options allow you to achieve the light and airy/bright photography style while adhering to your budget, ensuring that the essence of your family shines through in every captured moment.