Hey Momma!

Do you find yourself in Huntsville, Alabama and in need of a newborn photographer? Look no further! I'm thrilled that you're here and I'm more than excited and willing to assist you in capturing this very sacred time.

What is a lifestyle newborn session?

Lifestyle newborn photography has gained popularity in recent years as a newer genre of photography. It offers a refreshing approach that alleviates stress for both families and photographers. Unlike traditional newborn photography, which often involves carefully positioning and molding newborns into posed setups while they are deeply asleep, lifestyle newborn photography focuses on capturing relaxed moments of home life.

By embracing lifestyle newborn photography, families can experience a more relaxed and natural session that showcases the beauty of their everyday life. Rather than focusing solely on posed images, lifestyle sessions capture the joy, love, and connection shared between family members.

Where does the ‘baby led’ come into play?

The goal of adopting a baby-led approach is to create a relaxed and stress-free environment, where I follows the baby's lead and cues to respect and meet their needs throughout the session. This ensures that the baby's comfort and well-being are prioritized, resulting in more natural and authentic photographs that reflect the unique dynamics of your family and in your home.

I always remind my momma clients that each baby is unique and has different needs. Some babies sleep through the whole session, some babies are gassy and are awake the whole time. With a baby-led approach I can seamlessly incorporate breaks for feeding, soothing, or diaper changes as needed. I can adjust the pace and flow of the session to accommodate the baby's rhythms and preferencesListening to their cues will determine which poses and shots I will capture. Over the years, my experiences have shown that the more attentive I can be to you and your baby's needs, the more beautiful your photographs turn out.

In short, baby led simply means there is no right or wrong order for an in-home newborn session. It is tailor made