TLDR - It wasn't just a new job, it was God calling us to a new life

Back in October 2022, I had this unexpected opportunity to be the photographer at the Imago Dei retreat. Initially, I went in with this "do your job" attitude, you know, just fulfilling my responsibilities. But boy, did that retreat turn my world upside down! Towards the end, Shal, this incredible speaker, challenged us women to open up to God's guidance in our dreams. And let me tell you, I confidently declared, "I'm already living the dream." But guess what? God had other plans.

Suddenly, there it was—a vision. My family, gathered together, cozy around a fireplace, in a colder place, definitely not a vacation spot, definitely not Florida. I tried shrugging it off, but that image lingered in my heart. It was as if God was whispering, "Trust Me. Take that leap of faith.”

As soon as I came home from the retreat I shared this vision I had been given with Tom, and believe it or not, he was feeling it too—a different path, a new life calling out to us.

Now, listen, everything seemed stacked against this idea. I mean, we had our roots deep in family, friends, community, my business, Tom's job, and the kids' schooling—all anchored where we were. Moving didn't make sense by any stretch of worldly wisdom. 

the Scripture about Peter stepping out of the boat during the storm to walk on water really stuck with me and i reflected on it frequently, especially when anxieties and doubts started creeping in.

In those moments, I constantly reminded myself to fix my eyes on Jesus. It became my anchor, my reminder that despite the storms, as long as I kept my focus on Him, I wouldn't sink. It was a powerful lesson in trusting even when the waves of uncertainty threatened to overwhelm.

and Once we fully* surrendered to this calling (because picking up your entire life and leaving it to go somewhere new, where you no absolutey no one, is not easy), things just started falling into place. Tom's job shifted smoothly, a moving contract appeared, our house sold in a snap, and we found this incredible place in Alabama. Trust me, it wasn't all smooth sailing. It was tough and painful at times, but every step felt like God's hand guiding us, affirming our trust in Him and His plan for our family.

Of course, navigating this fresh start hasn't been without its own challenges—leaning more on Tom, restarting a business, adapting to our new roles and routines to name a few…Still, inspite of those growing pains, I can say with absolute certainty that we're precisely where we're supposed to be. Our family has grown closer, our marriage has deepened, our faith has found an even firmer foundation, and the friends and community we’ve made feel like an extension of family. 

And every day that we're here I'm reminding myself to keep my hands open, wide open, so that He may fill them with whatever He chooses.

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