Preparing For Your Session

Everything you need to know to make our time together seamless and fun!

Thank you again for choosing Sara Lally Photography! I'm so excited to capture your memories! Please take a few minutes to read all this information so our session not only goes smoothly, but so you can enjoy every minute of it!

I want our time together to be fun, stress-free, and all about YOU. I want to capture these precious moments and connections so you can have these tangible images of your memories forever.

Applicable to most lifestyle sessions

Helpful Info & Tips

  1. Arrive early! The sun waits for no one! This is especially important for sunrise sessions. And don't forget to plan for traffic to get to the location in time. I would rather us be early and have extra time than late and feeling rushed.
  2. Preparation is Key; set out your clothes, shoes, accessories the night before and make sure you having everything together and it is clean and free from wrinkles.
  3. Dress Small Children Last: Little ones have a way of staining, spilling, or the worst - having a diaper blow out - on the way to your session. Factor in time to dress your littlest ones last and even consider brining an extra outfit. Murphy's law right?
  4. Everyday Items We Forget: Take off smart watches, sunglasses, hair ties on your wrist, and leave your phone out of pockets. These detract from your photos and can be extra difficult to edit out, requiring an extra editing fee.
  5. Lifestyle Photography is Not Posed Photography: My goal during our session is to capture portraits of you and your family artistically in a way that tells a story about who you are today. I will initially 'pose' you and your family but then give you prompts that foster storytelling and laughter to elicit authentic emotion, smiles and memories. Some prompts are silly and playful while some are more heartfelt, but each prompt is designed to encourage and cultivate true connection. And I promise, when I want you to look at the camera and smile, I will tell you to! Focus on your loved ones and I'll direct you as needed.
  6. But Seriously: Unless I tell you to look at me, pretend I'm not there and instead be present with your family! These are the moments and memories you'll want to look back on.
  7. Love on Each Other: Be prepared to get close, snuggle in, and maybe even share a kiss or two!
  8. Hold Out as Long as You Can: Contrary to some other methods, I truly believe in holding out on the bribes..that's not to say don't have any, definitely have an idea in your back pocket....but if you go into a session with a bribe on deck, you're setting up your kids to think A. this won't be fun (because we usually bribe in a negative situation) and B. as soon as we take a couple pictures we will be finished. In all my years of photography, the families who played and engaged with their children never had to pull out a bribe.
  9. Your Clothes Matter: Chances are, if you've booked me as your photographer, you like how I shoot AND edit. And if you pay close attention to my portfolio - aka what I showcase for my work...what you fell in love with - then you'l notice my clients choose neutrals and muted tones.

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Please, please, please, feel free to reach out at any time with your questions. I am always a phone call or text away. Help me serve you best!