Style Guide

First of all, if you're reading this, you have successfully booked your SLP session and I'd like to say THANK YOU!! And now it is time for the oh-so-important style guide!

I believe that every outfit should be elevated yet comfortable and organic to the client and the photoshoot environment/location. That's why instead of going for a very dressy outfit like a long ball gown, or very casual like jean shorts and a tank top, I recommend choosing a dressy-casual style. Dressy casual style strikes a nice balance between laid back and overdressed and is perfect for an outdoor photoshoot.

Color Palette

I always advise my clients to first start with a color pallet. I swear this part is not as intimidating as everyone makes it out to be! Because my editing style is a lighter and brighter aesthetic, I have my clients dress in neutrals and muted tones. Remember, we are coordinating NOT matching. I always encourage my clients to reach out with any questions at any time when choosing their outfits.


Consider your fabrics….The fabrics that provide great movement in photos are: tulle, satin, chiffon pleated fabric, sheer organza, and layered fabrics. These fabrics not only photograph well but provide texture for more stunning photos. For the guys, layers can help create depth and more texture. Simply adding an undershirt with an exposed button, adding a jacket, or even rolling the sleeves on a dress shirt give the photos more character.


I know I know, easier said than done BUT try not to overthink your outfits. What always photographs best are usually the basics. Jumpsuits, dresses (midi or maxi), skirts, pants with a textured fun top, Henley's, button downs with rolled up sleeves, always photograph well and showcase you and your family without being too distracting. Remember this is a time to feel dressed up, flirty, and confident!


Hate to say it, but it's true...the clothes you wear for your photoshoot can make it or break it. BUT my job as your photographer is to help you look your best in photos and guide you through an outfit selection process. And sometimes, the easiest way to do that is to show you what to avoid. Here are several tips on what NOT to wear for your portrait session:

  1. Avoid stripes of any kind (seriously) and if you choose a pattern make sure it’s not too distracting, aka smaller more cohesive-style patterns.
  2. Please, please, please! Stay away from neon colors. They not only overpower you and will stand out in photos instead of you, but they are also extremely difficult to edit. 
  3. Don't wear to your photoshoot any clothing that does not define the waistline, aka potato-sack-style.
  4. And of course, over branded clothing is never a good idea.
  5. Wrinkled clothing WILL show up in pictures, so steam/iron prep your clothing the night before and if necessary, keep it hanging until we begin our session.
  6. Finally, the wrong size clothing (too big or too small) will not only show in your photos, but it will also make you feel uncomfortable and self-conscious during your session.

The rule of thumb is, if you don't love the outfit when you put it on for the first time, you will most likely not love your pictures in it. So be extra critical, take a mirror selfies in your outfits and discuss them with your photographer. 

Remember, the focus is YOU not your clothes. Your clothes should simply enhance your beauty, not be the source of it..


  1. Dress Mom first! Expand from her outfit.
  2. Kids should be comfortable! If you put them in the perfect outfit but it's too tight or itchy or any form of discomfort, they will not be happy. Period.
  3. If in doubt, stick with neutrals and different textures. It's timeless.
  4. Lay out all the clothes together so you can really see them as a unit.
  5. If you feel an outfit is too 'boring' (aka just solid color) enhance it with accessories such as a hat, scarf, fun shoes, but keep it simple.